Monday, 11 March 2013

Motivate Monday

This quote seemed strangely appropriate after I drove through lightening storms, torrential rain, hailstorms and even snow to get home last night.  I gripped the steering wheel and faced what the elements threw at me...OK I did squeal a few times when there was a particularly loud lightening flash but I carried on  across the wild countryside and through the dark forests...survived a bird hitting the car roof (bizarre!!) and saw three deer by the side of the road...I got back in one piece.

I am living closer to the elements than I have ever have in my life... it is awe-inspiring, beautiful, exciting and sometimes scary too!! 
The day before I wasn't so brave when my sat nav let me down and I was totally lost in the French countryside...I completely lost my bearings....and after what felt like hours of drivng, and trying to drive up tracks that were unpassable, it crossed my mind to pull over and have a weep....I did pull over and finally decided to check the voila!  I wasn't so far away from my destination after all. 

The sense of achievement when I finally arrived at my destination was great.

Lessons learnt....don't rely on the sat doesn't know best...learn to trust my own instincts and have faith in my abilities.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!


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